The TIARA collection of Favours offers exclusive designs and a multitude of creative options that make it truly exceptional. These Favours play a pivotal role in adding a special touch to your most cherished occasions, such as your wedding day and your child's baptism. Guided by your preferences, our commitment to aesthetics, and our unwavering pursuit of perfection, our handmade Favours are not just beautiful, they are personalized creations that serve as unique mementos, allowing you to relive those joyous moments. We meticulously select the design, materials, and accessories for each creation, ensuring every detail is crafted with care. Despite our unwavering dedication to quality, our prices remain affordable, upholding the reputation that has made TIARA a beloved choice for customers not only in Greece but around the globe.

To schedule an appointment for weddings and baptisms, kindly reach out to us via phone at 210-674-7469 or through email at